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7 Special ways to make your Mom feel Loved on Mother’s Day by Renee Piane Mobile phone spy software south Gps tracker software platform user

Make Love a Priority in 2016 by Renee Piane

Unplug from your Hectic Life to Find Love by Renée Piane

If your life is on hyper speed often love may pass you by. I am a big advocate of taking time out to stop working and focusing on what you really want. Most of my clients need a permission slip to unplug from their hectic lives to find love. I know that deep down in […]

GET Real about LOVE – Flirting advice by Renée Piane

GET Real about LOVE Flirting advice to spark up your love life by international LOVE Designer Renée Piane Some singles get bummed out as the holidays approach wondering where to go to have some fun!  After over 20 years as a dating coach, I advise my clients to be proactive! Make some sparks this coming holiday […]

Best Place to Meet Singles is MIXERS ~Go out & Love will find You!

Hi Single friends!  After years in the love industry and matching thousands of singles, I know that most people complain they cant meet other cool people. It’s time to get into action! Go spread the love” and love will find you! Join me and some great people and get connected!  I say get online and […]