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Busy Executives- Take Time for Love by ReneePiane

  Dear Renee, I’m a busy executive male who found you on the internet and took your recent “Flirting with Life” class last month. Wow, did it wake me up to realize that I’m not taking much action to find love during COVID! I loved the philosophies you teach that apply to all areas of […]

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Help! I had Sex Too Soon! by Renee Piane

Dear Renee, Hi Renee, I’m a big fan of your work, and I need some guidance! I met a guy on Tinder, and we had an awesome connection. We were communicating back and forth online for about a month, and we both had many different people asking us both out. We were out of touch […]

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Advice For Single Mom’s Looking for Love For Single Mom’s Looking for Love Dear Renee (The Love Designer) I’m a single mother with 2 children. What advice do you have for the single moms who want to date and find love again?  Are men interested in dating single moms? Curious Single Mom Dear Curious Single Mom (this advice goes for both […]

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Getting Back in Sync for Couples

Are you out of sync in your marriage or with your current partner? The biggest mistakes that most couples make starts with getting out of sync with each other from overworking and the stresses from our hectic pace in life.The technology overload, traffic, kids, shopping, stress, overworking, cell phones, emails, texts, social media sites, bills… and […]

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Offering Grief Support after Losing a Loved One.

How to Offer Support to a Friend or Family member after Losing a Loved One Dear Love Designer I have read some of your Love advice and wondered what advice can you offer when a good friend or family member is going through a hard and emotional time with the loss of a loved one? […]

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Sharing Friends after a Break Up by Renee Piane

 Sharing Friends after a Break-Up Dear Renee, I need your advice. I was hooked up with a male friend of mines friend (a female friend of his girlfriend) and we have dated sort of seriously for a few months. I wanted to cool things off since I wasn’t ready to go long term and then […]

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