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Offering Grief Support after Losing a Loved One.

How to Offer Support to a Friend or Family member after Losing a Loved One Dear Love Designer I have read some of your Love advice and wondered what advice can you offer when a good friend or family member is going through a hard and emotional time with the loss of a loved one? […]

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Sharing Friends after a Break Up by Renee Piane

 Sharing Friends after a Break-Up Dear Renee, I need your advice. I was hooked up with a male friend of mines friend (a female friend of his girlfriend) and we have dated sort of seriously for a few months. I wanted to cool things off since I wasn’t ready to go long term and then […]

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Are in a Love Loop? Find out with Renee Piane

Do you find yourself repeating the SAME relationship patterns thinking that THIS time will be different only to find it the same?  Renee Piane- The Love Designer  and Author of GET Real about Love~The Secrets to Opening your heart & Finding True Love  is on an awesome show  to tell you how to GET REAL […]

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I have an Uncommitted & Sexy Girl Friend

Dear Renee, Help! I am currently living with a girl who I have much in common with, and since the day we moved in together we starting having hot sex. We were basically roommates, and she, I am sure, was dating other guys. As months passed, we continued our relationship but she began to travel […]

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I’m in a Messy Affair. Help! by ReneePiane

I’m in a Messy Affair. Help! Dear Renee, I’m in a messy relationship situation and I need your help. I have been married for over 20 years to my high school sweetheart.  We have two kids and we have been like buddies for the past few years. There isn’t that romance and spark we used […]

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Fire Up Valentine’s Day! Take Time for LOVE! By Renee Piane

Fire Up your Valentine’s Day Take Time for LOVE! Valentine’s Day is upon us & many people get in a funk! I say what a great time to look at the reality in life…half of us are still single so GET REAL and let go of all the pressure. It’s a day for Hallmark to […]

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