Its Fall! Time for a Love & Relationship House Cleaning?

 It’s Fall! Is it Time for a Love & Relationship House Cleaning!   These last few years have offered people worldwide the opportunity to examine their relationships big time! As a Love Designer, I have been guiding many people who were in dead-end friendships and relationships to “let go with love.” When people go through […]

Busy Executives- Take Time for Love by ReneePiane

  Dear Renee, I’m a busy executive male who found you on the internet and took your recent “Flirting with Life & Networking” class last month. Wow, did it wake me up to realize that I’m not taking much action to find love during this pandemic! I loved the philosophies you teach that apply to […]

Home Bound Tips to Stay in Balance

Home Bound Tips to Stay in Balance  This wild worldwide pandemic has slowed us all down to reinvent our lives. It all seems so surreal… like a bad dream. It’s finally hitting us that this virus is keeping the world homebound for a long time. It’s been months in and out of quarantine, and we […]