Its Fall! Time for a Love & Relationship House Cleaning?

 It’s Fall! Is it Time for a Love & Relationship House Cleaning!   These last few years have offered people worldwide the opportunity to examine their relationships big time! As a Love Designer, I have been guiding many people who were in dead-end friendships and relationships to “let go with love.” When people go through […]

How Tragedy Teaches Us to Love Deeper

Happy February! This is Renee Piane ~The Love Designer. It’s the month of LOVE and I just had some thoughts to share about the passing of Kobe Bryant, his beautiful daughter and all the passengers on that helicopter. Surely, this tragic accident is still lingering in our minds and hearts. There are so many news […]

My Parents Wont Accept my Girlfriend-Help!

Dear Renee, I need your help! I’m dating and in love with someone from a completely different religious denomination and I had originally thought it would not matter. We have been exclusive now for 6 months and as time has gone by, we’ve gotten more involved. I see now that this religion issue will present […]