I’m Not Getting Calls Back!

I’m Not Getting Calls Back! I love your column and I need your straight-shooting advice. So here we go! I see pretty women online and out and about. We have a connection and 75% of the time I get their phone numbers. I call or text them and I’m wondering why I haven’t been getting […]

Busy Executives- Take Time for Love by ReneePiane

  Dear Renee, I’m a busy executive male who found you on the internet and took your recent “Flirting with Life & Networking” class last month. Wow, did it wake me up to realize that I’m not taking much action to find love during this pandemic! I loved the philosophies you teach that apply to […]

I’m in a Dead-End Relationship by Renee Piane

Dear Renee ~ The Love Designer, I have been following your wise advice and I love your candor. We are now dealing with this extended COVID situation. I think it’s time to let go of a dead-end relationship after re-reading your advice. Here is my situation. I have been on and off with the same […]