Co-Ed Flirting & Networking Class

Happy 2021~Come Learn the Art of Flirting with Life & Networking
Come Get Connected for Love, Friendship, and Business with Renee Piane the Master at connecting people!
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Get your FLIRT ON! Make New Contacts for Love, Friendship, or Business

** Do you get really nervous when you’re attracted to someone?
** Not sure if you send out “open vibes” when you meet people
to date or while networking for business?

** You never learned flirting skills or are aware of the signals to send when you’re out and about?

Come Join the master at connecting people, Renee Piane and meet some cool people. You’ll LEARN how to really connect from the heart. So join us in this new year and have some fun!

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Get REAL about LOVE CO-ED Flirting Class
A Special Love Event with The Love Designer!
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Master Renee’s “Flirting with Life Techniques” and doors will open
For Love and Business
MEET PEOPLE ANYWHERE YOU GO and online at this event!
Renee will help you let go of your fears to connect!

Co-Ed Flirting and learning how to Magnetize More Love and Build new connections for Love, Friendship, and Business!

Lets “Get REAL” and Learn the Art of Flirting with
Renee Piane ~The Master at Flirting.
(Single and Married People are Welcome)
DATE: Thursday, Jan 21rst 
TIME: 6:30 pm- 8:00:pm PST
LOCATION: Live on Zoom ( The link will be shared)

Renee will be sharing:

  • Her magical “Flirting with Life” techniques
  • Where to go to meet and attract great singles or make new business connections 
  • Techniques to become a people magnet!
  • How to Get Ready in Advance! What to wear to feel confident and on top of your game!
  • The Red and Green Light signals to attract potential partners & know instantly if there is a connection for love or business.
  • Role-Playing and conversations that will help you see if the person is aligned with your vision in a snap!
  • Get Ready for Success! Prepare your dating or business wardrobe
    (and “to go” kit)
  • How to be ready on the spot when you get asked out (no more panicking)
  • Rituals to use to prepare your energy and attitude before you go out to feel open and ready for love and success
  • How to re-ignite the passion with your current partner
  • Controlling your inner fears and self-doubts
  • Conversation starters and easy opening lines so you can make a great first impression!
  • Practice your flirting and Networking skills with other’s live!!
  • Connect, get support, and discuss all the crazy dating issues most people face.
Get reignited and focused on your vision and get you fired up!

Single Tickets ONLY $20.00 bring a Friend for FREE  when you Buy a Ticket. We need their name and email and phone # in the area provided


Grab a Cocktail, Wine, or sparkling water and eat a light snack before class
to give you energy!

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