I’m Not Getting Calls Back!

I’m Not Getting Calls Back!

Dear Renee,

I love your column and I need your straight-shooting advice. So here we go!

I see pretty women online and out and about. We have a connection and 75% of the time I get their phone numbers. I call or text them and I’m wondering why I haven’t been getting many responses back. I have tried several different approaches, like waiting a minimum of three days. I thought I might seem too eager. Well, that didn’t work.

I then wait for more than a week, then left a message, and there was no return call. I even asked out the cute redhead at the coffee shop, she said “Yes.” So, I tried to change my tactics this time to see if it might help. I gave her my number because to not come off as too aggressive and I never got a call.

What am I doing wrong?

I get a lot of phone numbers at the end of a conversation with women that I meet out. Then there is that black hole between getting a number and locking down a date. I talked to a couple of different women about this, and they all suggested to keep calling until you are asked to stop calling. I think that is just too creepy. I normally leave two or three messages and most often I don’t get a phone call.  I’d love some of your insights to get different results the next time I get another phone number. What suggestions do you have to help me? Can this be fixed?

Frustrated in LA

Dear Frustrated in LA.

I’m happy to hear from you and both sexes have this challenge in this wild world of dating! it can deflate your confidence! So, this advice can be helpful to anyone that is frustrated dating whether you are gay, bisexual, or straight.
This topic comes up a lot in my coaching sessions so you’re not alone and should not take it so personally! Remember most women are auditory so something you’re saying or “the vibes” your sending could be turning them off. Some women say that often they gave a guy their # to be nice and not hurt his feelings. Gay men and women say the same!

Many singles shared they enjoy being pursued and like to keep a few people as backups since they are currently dating someone that they are not sure of. Remember both sexes are meeting people online on numerous dating sites and phone apps, so there is lots of competition!

Keep the faith and try these suggestions to improve your odds on the dating game! This goes for anyone out there!

  1. Get a tape recorder and listen to your voice! Be aware of your voice tone and speed. Have you ever listened to your own voice? Do you have a boring monochromatic voice? A whiney voice? A feminine tone or high-pitched voice? Some people aren’t aware of how they sound over the phone. They leave voice messages that often sound pushy, boring, needy, and they can turn people off. I’m sure the tone or pitch of some men and women you know irritates you!
    How does your voice sound?
  2. Check your Energy Vibes!
    I get a distinct “nice guy vibe” from you without knowing you! I don’t mean that to be harsh, but you might be sending out a vibe that seems needy and you are not aware of it! That rejection monster takes over your confidence! It happens on both sides.
  3. Be a Man/Woman with a Plan! When you call have a place to take them with a date in mind! Most men/women leave a message like” Hi____This is the guy or girl you met out the other day calling to say hi…give me a call soon! There needs to be a call to action!
    Instead, try “Hi use their name it was so fun running into you on Saturday. I have tickets to a great concert, a cool art show or I discovered this new sushi restaurant and I wanted to see if you are free to join me. Call me soon to let me know if you’re available! I’m sure we would have a blast! My # is…I’m looking forward to hearing from you!
    Feel the Difference? If he or she doesn’t call, then they are not interested!
  4.  Look your best! Check out your wardrobe to see if you might need a wardrobe update. “A first impression is a lasting one!” Need some guidance? I can help you create a new dating wardrobe live or online!
  5. Get Honest and Constructive Feedback from a seasoned coach like me or good friends that you can confide in and
  6. Evaluate your opening lines with the people you meet. Are they classy or cheesy? Join me monthly to Learn the Art of Flirting With Life & Networking to help you relax and practice your people skills live online!
  7. Remember, dating is a numbers game, so stay in faith and have fun with it!
    Soon you will meet someone when you least expect it!

Do some research and pick up some great books on creating solid relationships.
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I can help tune you up! If you have a dating dilemma or question, please send it to: Renee@ReneePiane.com and I will do my best to answer your questions. I am here to help!
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