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Renée Piane ~ The Love Designer, International Relationship Reinvention Expert ~ is available for interviews to pass on her years of experience and wisdom to your audience. With her direct Get Real style, Renée will add some powerful heart opening insights from her new book Get Real about Love—The Secrets to Opening Your Heart & Finding True Love.

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About Renée Piane:

Renée Piane, the Love Designer, is a master at connecting people and a pioneer in the dating industry. She’s been an internationally known love and relationship reinvention expert for the last two decades and works with clients all over the world. As the the pioneer and president of Rapid Dating & Networking, she is also a sought-after inspirational speaker and author of the newly released Get Real about Love—The Secrets to Opening Your Heart & Finding True Love. With 28 years of experience in the love industry, Renée has dedicated her life to helping people find love and has successfully matched thousands of life partners. Renée was listed by the Wall Street Journal as one of the eight best resources for single men in America and she has been featured in, and on, major media outlets that include CNN, NBC, ABC, the Today Show, MTV, Lifetime, FX, Discovery, the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, Cosmopolitan, Men’s Health, and many others.
Renée presented her first TedX Youth Talk on the topic “The Power of Your Love Lineage” and is speaking nationwide on many topics realted to the Art of Balancing Love, Life, family and Business.Check out her Speaking Page for more info.

Topics Renée Piane Can Discuss in Interviews:

  • “Get Real about Love”: What People Need to Get Real about Before Finding Love
  • Do you have the “Once I…” Syndrome? (What is Your Excuse for Putting Love in the Future?)
  • Why Your Love Lineage Could Be the Reason You’ve Never Found Love
  • The 5 Secrets to Getting Back in the Dating Game after a Bad Breakup/Divorce
  • The Negative Rejection Monster: Who’s Speaking in Your Love Conversations?
  • Healing Your Heart: The 5 Steps to Creating a New Love Story
  • “Get Real” in the Dating Game: Telling the Truth about What You Want without Scaring People Away
  • Are Your Negative Friends or Family Killing Your Love Life?
  • 5 Tips to Market and Rebrand Yourself When Reentering the Dating Game
  • Daily Rituals to Help You Manifest Love
  • The 5 Sure Signs you are in a “Love Loop.”


Press Information & Photos

Television Appearances

Here are just a few clips of some of my interviews on television. There are many others on my You Tube Channel 

Renée’s demo reel on a variety of TV shows and red carpet events.

BraveHeart View TV discussing the 7 Mis-Takes women make while looking for love.

Burman and Burman Show: Renée offers Dating Do’s and Don’ts.

The “10” Show [NBC] : Renée offers love tips from her book Love Mechanics.

Channel 13 KTLA News : Renée offers tips to turn your home into a romantic place for Love!

Channel 13 KTLA News: #1. At Fredrick’s, Renée guides men on how to buy lingerie for their wives or girlfriends; #2. What to wear on a first date.

The Other Half [NBC]: See Renée perform a hilarious “Love Nest Tune-Up” with Dick Clark & Danny Bonaduce.

CNN: Renée offers advice for lonely singles on Valentine’s Day.

“Eye on LA” [ABC]: Renée makes-over a single man and test drives his dating skills at a Rapid Dating event.

Renée in Print & Magazines

Below, you will find a number of articles from high profile magazines and newspapers around the world that feature Renée’s love design services and direct advice. Would you like to interview or have Renée offer some spicy and direct advice for your publication? Contact Renée online to let us know! She’s has true stories and insights that will shock and inspire your readers!

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Renée helping people find love in  LA
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Love University: Where Singles Sign up for Lessons of the Heart!
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Renée’S Featured Article

“Love University Where singles sign up for lessons of the heart!”

Cosmopolitan “Word got around there were lots of attractive single women in Pat’s class, so the men started going just to meet them,” explains Renée Piane, an attractive and extremely flirtatious young woman, who describes herself as The Love Coach. “My class, How To Impress Your Date Every Time, is the exact opposite. I usually have more men than women, but now women are hearing about this, so they’re showing up too. On the whole though, it’s men that need guidance.” This evening, there are three women and 15 men in her class. “Now, have you got a nice place to bring a woman back to?” she asks them. The class stare back blankly. Piane looks exasperated. “You need a good environment,” she gently scolds. “Your house, it needs to smell nice, the lighting should be soft, the place should be comfortable. If you bring someone back to a pigsty, well, what are they going to think of you?” She tells her class to take a good look at themselves and asks if they are the kind of people who magnetize others. Many of the men don’t look as if they could magnetize a fridge magnet.

“Women love it when a man is in the driver’s seat,” Piane continues. “You should be saying, ‘I’m planning a day ski trip and couldn’t think of anyone I’d rather take than you – are you available Saturday?’ This makes us feel special. It’s romantic. It feels sooo good when a man takes a lead, we feel cherished.” The three women nod in agreement. They don’t seem to mind that the advice is directed primarily at the men. They’re too business swapping gazes with their pick of the bunch anyway.”

  • New York Times
  • Men’s Health (4 columns)
  • Los Angeles Times (3 Feature Stories)
  • Honey Magazine
  • Philadelphia Daily News
  • Cosmo
  • News Around the World
  • Huffington Post
  • Your Tango
  • News Day
  • IVillage
  • Entertainment Today
  • Couples Max Magazine
  • Arizona Tribune
  • Awareness Magazine
  • New Journal/55Hours
  • Delaware Women
  • Santa Monica Mirror
  • Santa Monica Observer
  • Columbus Dispatch
  • Arizona State Press
  • LA Dating Guide
  • Gazette
  • La Splash

Radio Shows

Renée has her own Radio Podcast on iTunes entitled “Love Mechanics” to help you to reinvent and tune up your love and social life! This 24/7 online radio show offers direct Dating Advice & Hot interviews with top experts and authors in all fields relating to singles love, dating, sex and relationships advice. podcast logo Subscribe Now and you can hear years of wisdom from internationally known Dating and Love coach, Renée Piane (author of Love Mechanics and Get Real about LOVE). We offer powerful tools to create relationships that work in all areas of your life. You can send in your love and dating dilemmas to Renée here or call our hotline at (512) 827- 0505 ext. 6869 and leave your love challenge or questions for Renée!

Renee’s Radio Interviews on various networks:


Interview Renée Piane
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