— David Loring, Producer of Men Across America.

Renée is a limitless bundle of energy, enthusiasm and hard work. She produced many TV segments for our national show and interviewed hundreds of single men around the country. She brought out the best in every man she interviewed and I’m sure her book will bring out the very best in any multimedia project she […]

—Michael Edwards, MFCC

Many singles are confused and clueless. If you’re looking for the secrets of dating, listen carefully to Renée Piane. She has a unique way of teaching singles the dynamics of the dating game. Renée knows more about what singles really need than anyone in the field. Thank you, Renée.

— Ed Leon, Executive Producer of “The Other Half”

Renée was one of our most popular guests for dating challenges on The Other Half. We featured her as a guest expert 11 times over the last 2 seasons. We always knew we could count on Renée to help produce and deliver a quality segment whenever we called on her. She is talented, organized, and […]

– Lynn Rose, Speaker Trainer -www.LynnRose.com

The healing wisdom of Renée’s work is simply phenomenal! Seeing the amazing results everyone got out of her class is mind-blowing. I HIGHLY recommend that if you are a single busy woman looking to FINALLY call in the love you want in your life, from the most empowered, clear, alive place. DO this heart healing work! […]

– Julie Ferman, Master of Matchmaking

Renée Piane is a Godsend to single men and women who are navigating the rapid waters of the dating world. She walks her talk, she truly cares, and her advice is rock solid. I’ve been referring my matchmaking clients to Renée for over a decade for image consulting and dating coaching, with rave reviews. She’s […]