I’ve never gotten this much attention from Women! When it comes to buying flattering clothes…you are an absolute genius!!! Do you know that when I wear these new jeans that even my attractive female friends will give me a little pinch in the tush to show their approval. You saved me so much money and […]

– Orange County

Guys…call Renee…Her Image Makeover was life changing for me. I am still in shock daily over the response I get over my new look. “Renee, I just got a huge boost in my confidence after our Rapid shopping spree and you saved me a fortune. I never believed that “clothes make the man” and this […]

– Theresa

Renee will Transform your Look & your Heart… at the same time! I am a newly single mom and needed some help getting into dating. Renee took me out shopping, organized my clothes and my dating wardrobe! I have a whole new look that most of my family and friends are saying “Wow it’s about […]