-James Tilton

Renee’s book created the path for me to find the love of my life.  Like most people, I have historically ‘stumbled’ in and out of relationships haphazardly.  I’d meet an attractive woman at a coffee shop or while out with friends and have a physical attraction to her with (maybe) a couple things in common.  […]

— P.G.

“I really appreciate you being such a sweetheart to me in my coaching session. It makes a big difference in my life since, as an ex-New Yorker, I’m easily misunderstood by the Cali girls. Your listening skills are amazing. Thanks so much for your work.”

– Z.C., Los Angeles, CA

“Renée Piane helped me come up with a plan to improve my dating life that worked like a charm. Before I met her, I had a lot of potential but no direction. Renée gave me invaluable advice on how to be a more interesting person, make women feel comfortable, and more than anything helped me […]

— Anonymous

“Renée’s true gift is to advise people on what the real issues are without hurting their feelings. She offers intuitive insight and a fresh outlook to make dating fun instead of this drama that often leads people to give up on love! Thanks Renée for showing me what my strengths are and how to overcome […]