A-w-a-k-e-n Online Course

Are YOU Ready to Awaken and Reinvent YOUR Life?

Join The Relationship Transformation Team for a Life Changing Seminar Live or by Phone starting Monday, Sept. 26th- Ocober17th 6:00pm -7:30 pm PST

This Online Course is for YOU, if you are:

  • In the midst of a heart wrenching divorce, breakup and confused on how to get the support you need to get through the process?
  • Shut down to love after being hurt and are still Single and want to get support on your path to finding love?
  • In the wrong relationship and hoping things will change?Boredondate1200
  • Staying in a relationship because it is convenient or you’re afraid of being alone?
    Unhappy couple talking at therapy session
  • Struggling with how to let your partner down easy without hurting their feelings?

Some of us have been caught or stuck in a bad relationship and we are unsure how to get out and restart our lives. No one really teaches us how to break up easily or go through a divorce with love and respect!

The A-W-A-K-E-N 4 Week Online Course will help you “awaken” with an inside out approach to transforming your life communicate your desires with you partner, transition out of your relationship, and to begin to build a new life.

During your A-W-A-K-E-N Course you will:

  • Participate weekly in interactive 90 minute Recorded Sessions.
  • Understand where your heart is and how to heal and move forward.
  • Get emotionally, financially and realistically prepared for the next step.
  • Create a vision and attitude for your new life style.
  • Build and expand your new social network.
  • Practice daily rituals/meditations to keep you positive and energized.
  • Learn new techniques to handle various stressful situations and conversations.
  • Grasp how to communicate with your kids and your EX when you begin to date.
  • Learn how to control your disappointment and anger so not to destroy your relationships.
    The Weekly Recorded Session will be sent to you within 24-48 hrs along with handouts and exercises to keep you in the flow.
    Be invited to join our Secret Facebook Group where you will meet like-minded people and we will be on daily to answer your questions.

TRT TEAM – who are we?

Three powerful leaders have united to form The Relationship Transformation Team, aka TRT Team.

Renée Piane (Los Angeles, USA): Internationally renowned Love Designer and Relationship Reinvention Expert

Marla Snow (Salt Lake City, USA): Divorce Attorney and Mediation Counsel

Christine Thorpe (Perth, Australia): Life Full On Transformation & Performance Coach and Consultant

Together we will gently direct you into your power.

TRT Team have created a step by step plan to launch your new lifestyle and transform your relationships with support and guidance.

JOIN US and Transform your Love Life!


ONLY  $297.00 for over 10 hours of mind expanding awareness from three of worlds most inspirational love mentors
* You will receive all the handouts and recordings from each session
* Private Facebook group to get support
 If you have any questions, contact us on:

Together we will gently direct you into your power.

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Renee, Marla & Christine
The Relationships Transformation Team

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Renée’s Get Real about Love seminar and book helped me to wake up and get real about my relationships. By encouraging me to dig deep into my soul to excavate the dreams I buried years ago with overwork and over-commitment, and to review my relationship patterns and heal my Love Loop, I am changing within and now have confidence that my match is right around the corner. I got real, and now I’m ready for love!

– Melony /author

I used to rush into relationships and dated a series of Bad boys! After going through Renée’s Secrets Seminar and doing some private coaching, I am in my power and have 2 men courting me and I love it! I am ready for a committed relationship with an amazing man and taking my time now. I am using Renée’s techniques and test driving these relationships and it is amazing how it really works!. Renée is so supportive and direct and she truly Cares! Renée’s SECRETS and her loving energy and wisdom changed my entire relationship to men and love forever! You are the BEST!

– C F San Fransisco

Dear Renée, I have taken one of your amazing’ seminars and loved it. I broke up almost two months ago from a nine month relationship with someone who could not commit. Your work empowered me to evaluate my life and make choices from a stronger place. I recommend your work to all my friends. thank you so much! You renewed my faith in love!

– Andrea L-Los Angeles

Renée Piane is one of a kind. I call her ‘the love whisperer.’ She opened my mind, body and soul. After following all of her steps & rituals, I met the most incredible man who is my soul mate and now my husband! Renée not only opens hearts, she heals them and I am greatful that I followed her priceless advice. Anyone that has the privilege to work with her, can expect epic and outstanding things to happen in their lives. If you’re looking for love….you know who to call…Renée Piane

– Niki Shadrow Columnist/ Style Expert/ Hollywood Weekly Magazine /Public Speaker