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Business Executives are very private about their personal lives. Let’s face it, challenges in your relationships can directly impact your business bottom line. Executives often are not sure who to trust to discuss the various love challenges that arise in their lives. 

Renee Piane has been a life-changing guide for thousands of people worldwide. She will be your personal coach to get you back in the game with confidence and vision. With over 28 years of experience in the Dating Industry, and voted Top International Dating Coach, Renee provides a very personalized and customized approach to relationship coaching.

What Type of People Do I Coach?

Most of my clients are successful and driven super men or wonder women getting back in the dating game after a break up or divorce. Some of my clients are just too busy to find love and end up dating unavailable partners to fill the void. Some are inexperienced daters who can’t seem to attract the right partner. Many of my clients have broken hearts, so I help them rebuild their confidence and offer a variety of services to help them achieve their goals. I am here to help people Get Real and not waste time in unhealthy relationships. I also work with couples experiencing challenges in their relationships! Check out my Couples Coaching information.

I’d be honored to help you with your dating & love challenges NOW in person, by Skype, zoom or by phone! Let’s get you in touch with your heart, back in the driver’s seat and empowered.

One-Time Coaching

I offer various coaching packages and if you are curious but not ready to commit to a few months of coaching, I’d invite you to meet me for a One-Time Love Design Session. Read below

Take a look at my Menu of Services to help you focus on the services you may need for your session.



Love Design Session:
This is a powerful 90-minute consultation to help design your LOVE ACTION PLAN.

We will:
* Examine your current love situation,
* Discover if your heart is open or is it blocking you from finding love
* Evaluate how you are marketing and branding yourself online with pictures and profiles on various social media platforms
* Conduct an assessment of your image and style
* Clarify your top values, goals and vision for you ultimate relationship
* Design a powerful step-by step “Action plan” to help you achieve your vision

This personalized Love Design session also includes a recording of our session and a signed copy of Renée’s new book, Get Real about Love~The Secrets to Opening your Heart & Finding True Love, a heart and vows.
This session will  open your heart and set you on a path to success


 Contact Renée at the office or by email and we can set up your session today! Let’s create your new love story!

Coaching Packages

Ready to dig Deeper & Reinvent Your Life?

Love Reinvention Packages:

The Love Reinvention Packages can be customized to meet your unique situation. Each package focuses on different types of love challenges. I also provide Couples Coaching to help partners who are going through break ups, makeups and shakeups.

Here Are Some Ways I Can Enhance Your Dating & Love Life:

  • Helping you to get over a Broken Heart and using Healing Techniques to complete relationships.
  • Getting Real about what blocks you from finding or keeping love in your life.
  • Designing a powerful online profile that get results!
  • Preparing you for photo shoots and setting you up with the best photographers for dating head shots.
  • Updating your wardrobe and style to enhance your professional and social life.
  • Expanding your social network and learn where to go online and live connect with successful singles.
  • Mastering your communication skills on the phone and on dates.
  • Learning Renée’s magical “Flirting with Life©” techniques to help you connect and build a strong rapport!
  • Developing more confidence and charisma with communication skills that work!
  • Conversation ice breakers and questions to ask that make you the most appealing to your dates.
  • Look for the signs to discover if you are a match without wasting time.
  • Creative dates and where to go out in your area to meet available singles.
  • Designing your “LOVE Nest” to set up a romantic and stylish environment in your home to attract love.
  • Techniques to energetically preparing yourself and your attitude (with open, powerful NLP communication skills & personalized hypnotherapy sessions for weight loss, shyness, confidence building).
  • Learning how to ask for what you want in your relationship without scaring your partner away.

Renée Piane’s “Get Real” phone or in person private sessions assist single men and women in “tuning up” to attract the right people for love, business and friendship. As a dating coach and Love Designer, Renée has helped thousands find True LOVE!

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